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Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Powder Manufacturers, Arms Manufacturers, importers, and about everyone at the range all have their recommended powder weights, and all vary by a significant amount. I find the Sierra and Lyman manuals to be the more complete resources for reference.

So many of the basic premises apeer forward in that post, ammo availabilityreloading data availability, are not true, the basic facts of the weapon and the applicability of modern load data and the skipping of safety steps like working up loadsand then using modern loads in a weapon that that the commercial ammo makers speer reloading manual pdf download smart enough to ease off the load pressures on. Join Date Jul Posts Lee load data was pretty wide ranging, and the ammo I loaded seemed OK enough that it brought home its’ share of woodchuck hides.

We got too many people fishing for reloading data and its just not safe to help them out when speer reloading manual pdf download refuse to even educate themselves. Download our speer reloading manual pdf download eBooks for free and learn more about speer reloading manual pdf download. I recently just downloaded the Lyman 48th Edition reloading manual, free In some respects you are right. I don’t feel it would be safe – and that’s another tool in your reloading bag: In Speer Reloading Speer reloading manual pdf download 14, I can not talk to a book or loading manual like you can a person on the net.

I’ve also got some Speer bullets that I can’t find loads for, so maybe that would be a better choice for now So what exactly is a person supposed to do when there is no data available?

How do you even help that? We highly recommend the current.

Are you illiterate or what? Dan if you have to work up loads from no data you get the training and the Gear to do it right.

LnL AP powder hopping out of case? Por favor,activa el JavaScript! I’ve been shooting a lot of black powder lately, and looking for optimum loads.

Sierra Reloading Data – 5th Edition – Ruger Forum

Like us while we load stuff for you! All, of course without the advantages of pressure measurements or procedural safety measures. And I will always research and question. If someone was asking relodaing a starting load for a gr bullet in the is, then Speer reloading manual pdf download agree they need to get there own library. Sierra Reloading Manual,I look for a PDF Ebook about:.

But then ammo has been my spder, turned hobby in my dotage. Reloading speer reloading manual pdf download typecasesrequires a3-diesetinstead RCBS. I believe that is what this thread is for – to help those who need it.

I’ve got a bunch of Nosler bullets, but they publish their data online, so I really don’t need their book. Fast forward to last month: It’s a great hobby the entire family can enjoy. I’ve already got Lyman and Lee Downloae plus a couple of the “complied” caliber specific manuals you’ve seen them, they are roughly 5×7 and “bound” with those black-plastic strip things.

Sierra Reloading Manual,Sierra Reloading Data – 5th Edition. Join Date Sep Location behind a pine tree in mississippi Posts 8, I don’t always venture out into the sub-freezing darkness, but reliading I do, it is hunting season, and I carry a Browning.

Speer reloading data

Class – Saved By a Gun. Powered by vBulletin 3. Speer recommends these loads only be used in heavy-frame There is a big difference between knowing the steps to reloading and speer reloading manual pdf download what you are doing when you reload and why it is important that you do certain things in certain ways, and what is a critical operation and why.

Let me see if I get this right. This site does not host pdf, DOC files all document are the property of their respective owners. Speer Dosnload – Reloading Data. Just missed a cool speer reloading manual pdf download out of U of Cal Irvine https: Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: