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Thomas The most universal, comprehensive, and concise descriptive documents on oil and gas wells are logs.

WELL LOGGING COURSE 01 | Earth Sciences | Earth & Life Sciences

Interpretaton has over 30 years of experience in the oil and gas industry in a number of capacities within research and operational organizations. For more information see http: Roberto Peveraro X MR. Porosity and Water Sat. Students who attend the lectures will get 1 credit. Discussions will involve journal readings on tool physics and their limitations, earth science and industrial field examples, interpretation techniques, well log interpretation pdf download examples of applications borehole image and fracture analysis, oceanic crust characterization, intsrpretation hydrate evaluation, cyclostratigraphy, and others.

Well Log Interpretation – WLI

You have full access well log interpretation pdf download all four GeolOil petrophysics modules: However, these lightweight licenses have restrictions: Click here to reset. Please give us fair credits. Foundations of Petrophysics – FPP. Identify reservoirs Determine mineralogy, porosity, and saturation in various lithogies Recognize the importance of electrical properties of earth materials Highlight oil mobility Interpret pressure profiles Develop optimum tools and logging programs Apply quick-look methods of formation evaluation.

Starting as well log interpretation pdf download geologist in field operations in the US, South America, North Sea, Trinidad and Mexico, he then worked as a training instructor and coordinator for worldwide operations at Core Laboratories in Dallas and subsequently moved to Calgary as Manager, Geological Operations.

He was nominated for the Distinguished Lecturer award. Examples with an exercise part sandstone reservoir, shaly sand interpretation, complex mineralogy of a carbonate reservoir help to understand the different methods and algorithms. His expertise spans most aspects of petrophysics and reservoir characterization, and he has carried well log interpretation pdf download, or been part of a team completing numerous projects in a variety of geologic environments. Bassiouni has provided technical expertise to the international oil and gas industries.

Upscaling – – – BoxTulsa, OklahomaU. His most recent research interests involve methods to improve the performance of wireline formation sampling tools. Special courses on virtually any petroleum-related subject can be arranged specifically for in-house presentation. Description The textbook is addressed to students of applied geosciences and petroleum engineering.

He has 40 years of well log interpretation pdf download and management experience in the oil and gas industry. The most universal, comprehensive, and concise descriptive documents on oil and gas wells are logs. The user will learn reservoir properties porosity, saturation, fluids, permeability, capillary pressurethe physical background of well logging methods and the response with respect to reservoir characterization physical principle, primary information from logsrules for optimal log combinations, basic equations and models, fundamental techniques of log interpretation.

Foundation Instructors who teach this course: Start your free month Start your free month Or buy the eBook for only Once Java-8 is installed, click below to download, open and run the GeolOil installer. Zaki Bassiouni X Well log interpretation pdf download. All you need to do is click “download”.

Log Interpretation Principles/Applications

General principles of physics are presented to explain the functioning of modern logging tools. Define well stratigraphy – 7. Wherever possible, the welk of logging measurements is related to everyday tools and applications. Rw by Hingle method – -.

In addition to his academic contributions and publications, Dr. Re-sample LAS files resolution 3. He served as Publications Chairman and on symposium committees for the CWLS; he co-authored a paper on intsrpretation data formats LAS and has compiled numerous technical papers and training materials; he is a certified tutor for online learning.

View the Progression Map. They last for 15 days and are not renewable.

For further information, contact our In-House Training Coordinator at ldf of the numbers listed below. It was one of the best courses I’ve ever attended.

Error minimization techniques, applicable only to computerized intdrpretation analysis, produce optimal results. Geochemical logging slides-PDF Readings: Prior to joining PetroSkills, he was with Landmark and responsible for managing geoscience and engineering consultants, representing geological, geophysical and petrophysical software applications and services for global operations. These licenses have all the features of our regular commercial use licenses: In-House Course Presentations All courses are available for in-house presentation to individual organizations.

He has well log interpretation pdf download held a number of management well log interpretation pdf download associated with reservoir characterization, petrophysics, and technology integration.